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Hakim Zemni

InSites Consulting

Hakim is Managing Director and Head of Media & Entertainment at InSites Consulting and an ‘opinion on 2 legs’. He has been active in market research & marketing since 1998. He now is out to take down the walls between music marketing and brand marketing. As a young GEN X’er and old GEN Y’er born in the mid seventies, he witnessed the rise of global pop icons like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince as a teenager and followed the international (live) music (television) scene ever since. He is proud to be part of the generation that took down the walls between pop, rock, hiphop and electronic dance music. He has a master’s degree in Communication Sciences and as an experienced marketer he finds the world of music management and promotion an inexhaustible source of inspiration to advise clients.

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5 Predictions for the future of digital

Predictions on the future of digital

Every year, the Belgian marketing foundation STIMA sets up its Trends Night to discuss what the past year has brought and what the future will bring. 5 speakers and trendwatchers shared their view: Bart De Waele of Wijs, Xavier Damman of Storify, Read More

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