The rise of secret social media

Secret social media

Tired of scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, refreshing your Twitter home page and flipping through your Instagram feed? You are not alone! An increasing number of people feel the same way about the constant bombardment of baby pictures, engagement announcements Read More

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Have you already got Snapchat?


Do you know the feeling of curiosity when getting a notification on your smartphone which says you’ve received a Snapchat from someone and you are wondering what it is going to be? If you do, you probably already experienced this Read More

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Bitstrips: Life as a comic?

Bitstrips logo

Maybe you’ve seen them already on your Facebook? Some find them extremely annoying, others just can’t get enough of them. Bitstrips, the app that turns your life into a personal comic. It’s some sort of YouTube for comics where you Read More

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